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-:!: **Exercise**:​ Can you write a series of pipes that will determine how many unique ​chromosomes are represented in mini.gff?+:!: **Exercise**:​ Can you write a series of pipes that will output a list of unique ​transcript_id entries from mini.gff?
   * [[wiki:​pipes2_hint1|hint1]]   * [[wiki:​pipes2_hint1|hint1]]
   * [[wiki:​pipes2_hint2|hint2]]   * [[wiki:​pipes2_hint2|hint2]]
 +  * [[wiki:​pipes2_hint3|answer]]
-[[wiki:exercises2|{{:​wiki:​slide2_arrow.png?​40|}}]] [[wiki:exercises2|Further Exercises2]]+[[assignments:2018assignment3|{{:​wiki:​slide2_arrow.png?​40|}}]] [[assignments:2018assignment3|Assignment 3]]
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