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Due date: 9/25/18 by 10 am

Note: complete all of the exercises in one `.py` file (named**) and comment out all but the one exercise you are testing as you complete the assignment. Paste the results into the text entry box on Canvas for grading.

Exercise 1

Prompt the user for two DNA sequences (two separate prompts), concatenate them, and print the concatenated sequence to the terminal with an informative message (e.g. Concatenated sequence: ACTGCA).

Exercise 2

Prompt the user for the height (h) and radius ® of a beaker and print the volume(v) (v = 3.14*h*r^2).

Exercise 3

Prompt the user for a codon sequence (3-nt DNA sequence) and test if the codon is a start codon and print the result to the terminal.

Exercise 4

Prompt the user to enter a sequence and its complement and print the sequences to the terminal on separate lines with bars between the base paired nucleoditeds as shown below:

Exercise 5

What types of values are the following objects:
a) True b) False c) 5 d) 5.0 e) 'ACG' f) str(5)

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