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Due date: 10/9/18 by 10 am

Write a program,, that prompts the user for an oligonucleotide sequence and prints the following to the terminal:

1. The original oligo sequence as DNA even if RNA is entered.

2. The reverse complement of the oligo sequence as DNA even if RNA is entered.

3. The length of the oligo.

4. The percent GC content (i.e. what percentage of the nucleotides are G or C).

5. The melting temperature of the oligo - use the rough approximation:
Tm = 64.9 +41*(sum(G+C)-16.4)/length_of_oligo)

Additionally, your program should have the following attributes:

1. Repeats the input prompt until an empty line is entered and then exits gracefully.

2. Removes all non-DNA and non-RNA characters and prints a warning message indicating that non-DNA or non-RNA characters were removed.

Feel free to set it up however you like as long as it is all contained in one file and can be executed from the command line. The terminal output might look something like:

$ python3

Enter a sequence:  ACU AAA UUU CCC GGG CCA

Length:             18 nt
GC Content:         50%
Tm:                 48.0 C

Enter a sequence:

Submit your assignment as a file upload on canvas.

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