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Due date: 10/23/18 by 10 am

The exercises can be completed using only material covered so far.

Exercise 1

Write a function, 'transposer(matrix)', that swaps the rows and columns of a matrix and returns the results as a new matrix.

For example:

#Original matrix:
#Transposed matrix:

Exercise 2

Write a function, 'miRNA_counter(input_fastq_file, input_fasta_file, output_file)', counts the number of times each miRNA appears in a small RNA high-throughput sequencing library.

The function should read in, line by line in a for loop, a fastq file containing the small RNA library data and create a dictionary with the key being the sequence and the value being the number of reads for that sequence (you'll need to use the get method and use the approach demonstrated in class). Next, the function read in a fasta file containing the miRNA sequences, again line by line, store the miRNA name as a variable, and then calculate the number of reads for the corresponding sequence, using the get method and the dictionary of fastq sequences from above.

@D64TDFP1:248:C50DMACXX:5:1101:1241:2095 1:N:0:ATCACG
@D64TDFP1:248:C50DMACXX:5:1101:1371:2154 1:N:0:ATCACG
let-7	1
lin-4	0
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