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 ====== Assignment 1 ====== ====== Assignment 1 ======
-**Due August 282018**+**Due Sept 32019**
 **Compile your answers in a .txt document** **Compile your answers in a .txt document**
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 ===== Question1 ===== ===== Question1 =====
-Explain what these two commands do by executing ​them and seeing what happens:+Explain what these two commands do by experimenting with them and seeing what happens:
 <code bash> <code bash>
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 ''/​Users/​erin/​Documents/​Photos/​Selfies/''​\\ ''/​Users/​erin/​Documents/​Photos/​Selfies/''​\\
 to\\ ''/​Users/​erin/​Documents/''​\\ to\\ ''/​Users/​erin/​Documents/''​\\
-by executing ''​cd''​ just once? Find TWO ways to do this. One way should use an absolute path and the other should use a relative path.+by executing ''​cd''​ just once? Find TWO ways to do this. One way should use an **absolute path** and the other should use a **relative path**.
 ===== Question3 ===== ===== Question3 =====
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 ===== Question5 ===== ===== Question5 =====
-What is the difference between an **argument** and an **option**?+Say you have accidentally named a directory with spaces in the name ''​Files for Qualifying Exam''​ 
 +You try to list the contents of this directory by executing the following command? 
 +$ls Files for Qualifying Exam 
 +However, this doesn'​t work as expected. ​  
 +A. Why doesn'​t this work? What is the computer trying to do? \\  
 +B. What is a proper command required to list the contents of this directory 
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