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Assignment 1

Due Sept 3, 2019

Use a text editor application (do not use TextEdit) to write your answers.

Compile your answers in a .txt document.

Turn your answers by uploading your .txt document to CANVAS.


Explain what these two commands do by experimenting with them and seeing what happens:

$cd ~
$cd - 


The grandparent directory: Can you find TWO ways to move into the grandparent directory in a single command? That is, how can you move from
by executing cd just once? Find TWO ways to do this. One way should use an absolute path and the other should use a relative path.


If I have several directories within my Photos directory, like so: /Users/erin/Documents/Photos/Instagram/

How move from within the Selfies folder to the Instagram folder using one cd command that uses a relative path?


Up to this point, we have used ls without any arguments. However, ls can take an argument. What happens when you give ls the following types of arguments?:

  1. a directory
  2. a file


Say you have accidentally named a directory with spaces in the name Files for Qualifying Exam You try to list the contents of this directory by executing the following command?

$ls Files for Qualifying Exam

However, this doesn't work as expected.

A. Why doesn't this work? What is the computer trying to do?
B. What is a proper command required to list the contents of this directory?

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