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 +===== Assignment 2 key =====
 +<code bash>
 +Question 1
 +mv sc3_chrom_sizes.txt scerevisiae.txt
 +Question 2
 +A) more README_download.txt ​  # or less, or nano, or others
 +B) A README file contains information about the data in the directory and where it came from. It can also contain any processing that the user has performed.
 +C) ce - Caenorhabditis elegans; dm - Drosophila melanogaster;​ hg - Human genome; mm - Mus musculus; sc - Saccharomyces cerevisiae
 +Question 3
 +A) mkdir 01_readme 02_annotations 03_chromsizes ​ # can be a single or separate commands
 +B) mv README_download.txt 01_readme ​  # with or without trailing slash
 +C) mv *.gtf 02_annotations
 +D) mv *_chrom_sizes.txt 03_chromsizes
 +Question 4
 +A) head -n 1 hg38_annotation_head.gtf ​  # 1 without the -n also accepted
 +B) tail -n 1 hg38_annotation_head.gtf
 +Question 5
 +A) displays disk usage statistics ​
 +B) du -h   # from within the directory); du -h genomes_2018 (from the parent directory)
 +C) 5.4 Mb   # numbers may vary
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