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 +=== Bowtie Wrapper Script ===
 +<file python>​
 import argparse import argparse
 import subprocess import subprocess
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 '''​ '''​
 Functions for trimming and mapping reads Functions for trimming and mapping reads
 +Author: Tai Montgomery, Oct. 22, 2018
 Command line usage: Command line usage:
 python3 -i '​input_file'​ -o '​output_'​file - p '​path_to_bowtie_index'​ python3 -i '​input_file'​ -o '​output_'​file - p '​path_to_bowtie_index'​
Line 43: Line 47:
  map(path, trimmed_file)  map(path, trimmed_file)
  print('​See bowtie_stderr.txt'​)  print('​See bowtie_stderr.txt'​)
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