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-===== Welcome to Bioinformatics and Genomics (BZ36)! ​=====  ​+===== Computational biology at CSU =====  ​
 ====Fall 2018==== ====Fall 2018====
- +Computational training has become an essential part of a modern education in life sciences. These courses provide an introduction to computational biology and genomics for undergraduates (BZ 360) and graduate students (DSCI 510-512). For graduate students, we recommend you take the entire DSCI 510-512 series which is offered as 1-2 credit modules back to back each fall. No previous computational training is necessary. All course content is available on this website. Canvas will be used for submitting assignments and posting grades. 
- +\\ 
-{{ :computer.png?400 |}}+\\ 
 +{{ :helix.png?800 |}}
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