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Getting help on the internet

:!: Quick Tip: If you need help!, your first line of defense is GOOGLE!!!


:!: Quick Tip: If you don't immediately find what you're looking for on a google search, try adding the following terms to your search:

  • “linux”
  • “can't … linux”
  • “howto … linux”
  • “howto … linux mac”
  • “howto … linux windows 10”
  • command name + error message

:!: Quick Tip: Ask your professors and classmates for help by posting on Canvas Discussions!

m( Common pitfall: Don't post your question to a popular public messageboard (stackoverflow, stackexchange, etc) unless you know the proper protocol for how to ask questions OR unless you are ready for a barrage of internet bullying motivated by an epidemic of severely low self esteem within the computing community.

Getting help within Linux

man <command>
help <command>
command -h
command --help

:!: Quick Tip: When navigating the man pages press spacebar to scroll down and q to exit.

:!: Quick Tip: Man, or manual, pages will seem like they are written in a cryptic foreign language. Just look for the relevant information. With use, they become less cryptic.

Assignment 2

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