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-==== Accessing remote computers with ssh ====+==== Accessing remote computers with ssh - Secure SHell ====
-**ssh** ​secure shell. +**ssh usage**\\ 
- ssh username@server_address +**ssh** <​addressOfRemoteServer>​\\ 
- ssh -l username server_address ​  where '-l' ​is login name+**ssh** [-l <​yourloginname>​] <​addressOfRemoteServer> ​#that's a lower case "​L"​
-:!: **Mini demo**. Watch Erin log into her desktop computer: 
 +:!: **Mini demo**. Watch Erin log into her desktop computer:
 +{{ :​wiki:​img_20180829_171046_pixlr.jpg?​direct&​400 |}}
 [[wiki:​supercomputing|{{:​wiki:​slide2_arrow.png?​40|}}]] [[wiki:​supercomputing|supercomputing]] [[wiki:​supercomputing|{{:​wiki:​slide2_arrow.png?​40|}}]] [[wiki:​supercomputing|supercomputing]]
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