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A brief detour

We need to reorganize our folder a little bit.

Log into SUMMIT using secure shell

$ ssh -l <>
# Prompted for Password: <your eID Password>,push #Note, you won't see anything being typed
# Switch to your cell phone and OK the transaction using DUO Key
#Prompted for Password: <your eID password>,<duoKEY>

secure shell to scompile

$ ssh scompile

navigate to your /scratch/summit/ space

$ cd /scratch/summit/ # Replace <eID> with your eID

navigate into the folder that contains activate.bashrc

$ cd DSCI512_RNAseq
$ cd PROJ01_testsummit
$ cd summit-rna-seq-setup
$ ls    # You should be able to see two things of importance: activate.bashrc and bin

copy activate.bashrc and bin higher up in your directory tree to /scratch/summit/

$ cp activate.bashrc /scratch/summit/  #replace <eID> with your eID
$ cp -R bin /scratch/summit/  #replace <eID> with your eID


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