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-Moved to [[wiki:navigating2018]]+===== Shortcuts ===== 
 +**TAB** autocomplete 
 +**CTRL+u** erase the current line 
 +**CTRL+l** (that'​s a lower case "​L"​),​ clear the terminal screen 
 +**CTRL+a** go to the beginning of the line 
 +**CTRL+e** to go the end of the line 
 +**CTRL+c** cancel out of a program or command that is being executed 
 +**CTRL+d** log out of the terminal 
 +**UP arrow** print out the last command executed (even if it failed).  
 +[[:​linux_resources|{{:​wiki:slide2_arrow.png?​40|}}]] [[:​linux_resources|Return to linux resources]]
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