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 :!: **ANSWER:** Here are the lines of code: [[wiki:​simple_pipeline_3|CLICK HERE FOR]] :!: **ANSWER:** Here are the lines of code: [[wiki:​simple_pipeline_3|CLICK HERE FOR]]
 +:!: **HOMEWORK HINT:** For this exercise, we are only tabulating one sample. For your homework, you'll tabulate two samples. Don't forget that you'll need to add the second sample to the end of your line of code. So you'll only run feature count once for the entire experiment and each sample will be added as an argument in a single line of code.  If you have three annotation files, ''​EN01.sam'',​ ''​EN02.sam'',​ ''​EN03.sam'',​ you code may look something like this...
 +<code bash>
 +featureCounts [options] -a <​annotation_file>​ -o <​output_file.txt>​ ../​03_output/​EN01.sam ../​03_output/​EN02.sam ../​03_output/​EN03.sam
 ---- ----
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