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Assignment 1

  • Due Tuesday, September 1, 2020, 10:00 am
  • Write your answers in a .txt document
  • Use a text editor application (No TextEdit, Mac people)
  • Turn in your answers by uploading your .txt document to CANVAS
  • DO NOT write out the questions. Only write your answers
  • Assignments account for 70% of your final grade

:!: HINT: If the question asks for a command, write the full command as you would write it on the command line.


Test the two commands below. Make sure to navigate away from your home directory to several different locations to test them in order to understand their full behavior. Explain what each command does.

$cd ~
$cd - 


The grandparent directory: Can you find TWO ways to move into the grandparent directory in a single command? That is, how can you move from
by executing cd just once? Find TWO ways to do this. One way should use an absolute path and the other should use a relative path.


If I have several directories within my Photos directory, like so: /Users/erin/Documents/Photos/Instagram/

How move from within the Selfies folder to the Instagram folder using one cd command that uses a relative path?


Say you have accidentally named a directory with spaces in the name Files for Qualifying Exam You try to list the contents of this directory by executing the following command?

$ls Files for Qualifying Exam

However, this doesn't work as expected.

A. Why doesn't this work? What is the computer trying to do?
B. What is the proper command required to list the contents of this directory?


The second half of this course will be conducted on the CU Boulder supercomputer called SUMMIT. Follow these instructions to log into SUMMIT and answer the single question below.

In a separate tab, go to:

Log into SUMMIT. If your colostate eID is captainmarvel and your password is galacticstorm, you would log in as follows:

Password: galacticstorm,push

The comma+push at the end of the password triggers the DUO functionality. Your cellphone should alert you that you need to allow for dual authentication. Once you have accepted that, you should be able to access the JupyterHub.

You will enter the Launcher. Click on Terminal.

Question → A welcome message starting with the word 'Run' appears on your screen. What is the welcome message? Or, if you currently cannot access the SUMMIT system, what are you or the RC-help staff doing to ensure you can access the SUMMIT system?

:!: Hint: For more information on the DUO app: DUO
:!: Hint: Try writing your password + comma + push (with no spaces) somewhere where you can see it like in word or a text editor and then copy and paste it into the password field so you can ensure what you are entering is correct. You can't see what you are typing.
:!:: Bonus: For moreinformation on JupyterHub: Click here for CURC JupyterHub

Challenge Questions

These questions will not be graded but you can still opt to turn them in. They are an added challenge that will teach and challenge.

Open Terminus in a new tab. Explore this Linux game.


Challenge Question 1

Name one command you learned from this game and the character who taught it to you.

Challenge Question 2

What is the advice the MIT WaryEyeOfGradStudent gives you? Copy and paste it.

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